Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Syura Council: Kalimah Allah Issue Settled, What About Hadi's Message?

The issue on kalimah Allah has finally been resolved with everyone agreeing with the decision to not use the kalimah for other religion. Even though prior to the decision PAS was on a different stand, the party began to be rational after the Syura Council had a meeting and decided that kalimah Allah is exclusive and it cannot be used as reference of God for other religion.

Pakatan Heading For A Split As They Lock Horns On More Issues

The coming general election will see the unholy marriages of Pakatan Rakyat (PR) disintegrating as the three parties – PAS, DAP and PKR – struggle to keep the marriage knot intact.

It cannot be denied that their political relationship is facing turbulence as each party tries to stand out from the other, highlighting issues that matters only to their respective party rather than to the larger Malaysians.

HKR Approves Najib's Transformation Idea

After the end of Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat (HKR #KL112), everything goes back to normal. Even though HKR #KL112 failed to gather a million people, at least the organizers managed to collect as much as RM200,000 from supporters who attended.

The matter of number of attendance would often change, some say that it was 100,000, 150,000, 300,000 and some even said 700,000. However, that is not the main issue to be debated.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

PAS Exerts Its Stand, Shaking The Already Sinking PR Alliance

The Pakatan Rakyat (PR) is splitting up as fast as they got together some years ago given the present situation where PAS exerts the party’s ideology to the ‘anger and disappointment’ of partners DAP and PKR.

PAS latest ruling in Kedah where only males and schoolchildren are allowed to do stage performances cuts deep into the already sour relationship the party has with DAP and PKR.

Stadium Failure, PKR Fokus On Armed Forces, Fraspin For Last Breath

Figures do matters with Pakatan Rakyat (PR) given the situation the opposition alliance is in, the leaders need figures to convince the eroding influence and dwindling support.

No matter what the photographs showed, the opposition just could not rest until they win the debate that the People’s Uprising Rally (HKR) on Saturday at Stadium Merdeka was attended by around 150,000.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Harakah Lied Saying 200,000 Came For HKR #KL112

Figures do matters with Pakatan Rakyat (PR) given the situation the opposition alliance is in, the leaders need figures to convince the eroding influence and dwindling support.

No matter what the photographs showed, the opposition just could not rest until they win the debate that the People’s Uprising Rally (HKR) on Saturday at Stadium Merdeka was attended by around 150,000.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

DAP's Agenda To Christianize Malaysia Is Showing Success

As DAP work hard to stress that Malaysia is a Secular State, their real agenda gets clearer where they want to abolish Islam clause as the official religion in this country as stated in the constitution. This means, the focus which is given to Islam in terms of preaching, dissemination as well as infrastructure and development might be swept away.

Pakatan People's Uprising Rally A Big Flop As Reality Seeps In #KL112 #KBR112

The end is near as the signs show crystal clear but definitely…no one can deny nor can anyone discard the obvious…Pakatan’s last ditch to show force and garner support to throw Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and BN out of Putrajaya failed miserably.

The one million participants Pakatan’s leaders expected to throng Stadium Merdeka and the city did not materialize, their dream fizzled slowly as they walked out of the stadium feeling dejected at the end of the rally.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Saturday Rally Is To Stir Emotions And Let Loose Supporters - Will It Be Taharin Square?

A last attempt to garner support and clean up all their acts the past few years, Pakatan expected some one million people, their supporters as they claimed, to flood the stadium.

Pakatan wants the Saturday (January 12) rally or gathering to be the biggest ever as a show of force to convince Malaysian voters that they are strong as can topple the present BN government.

Harun Taib Proves That PAS Worships Allah, But Slaves To The Temple

It seems like with only a single Christmas speech from Lim's Temple, DAP finally managed to use the kalimah Allah to divert rakyat's attention away from the land issue in Kelantan which could not be handled by Nik Aziz nor Ngeh and Nga. Nik Aziz definitely felt relief and that he owed something with Lim Temple.

This kalimah Allah issue also managed to slow down the issue of Hadi's message which has been a huge burden to Hadi Awang, and that is why Hadi also felt the relief and that he owed something with Lim Temple.

PAS Worships Eagle Statue In Langkawi

Everyone is aware that PAS members take their party as their religion. However, do you know that even 'PAS religion' has different sects? The sects differ according to the mood of its leaders other than time, place and the current situation.

We cannot really say how many sects are there in PAS but the ones which we can see is three, Mazhab Hadi, Mazhab Nik Aziz and Mazhab Azizan.

#KL112 January 12 Rally To Legalize Anwar-Shamsidar's Adultery

January 12 is an important date for Pakatan Rakyat where they will organize Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat, the sequel and climax of their desperate attempt to cause chaos in Malaysia as GE13 draws closer. Considering that a few of their previous demonstrations showed a huge decline in terms of number of supporters, this demonstration is hoped to be able to raise their supporter's motivation which is running thin.

However, at the same day, there is rumored that there will be another demonstration which will also be organized by the opposition. The demonstration is known as Himpunan Shamsidar, Azmin's wife who is the main character in Anwar Ibrahim's 1st Sodomy case. She is claimed to be Anwar's secret lover where their relationship is believed to have resulted to the birth of a child out of wedlock. What surprises us is that the relationship is said to have become possible through Azmin's blessing.
All of this is still in the trial record which is still being discussed in the political arena. And since then, no one really tried to clear Shamsidar's image. Her name stayed rotten, just as same as both Anwar and Azmin.

Hadi Fishing Young Malays And Non-Muslim With Allah Issue, As Pas Face Erosion Of Support

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang said anybody could use the word ‘ALLAH’ as long as they did not abuse the word to confuse the Muslims but Islam did not forbid them to use the word.

What a twist just to woo the non-partisans and fence sitters as the party (PAS) tries to worm its way into the hearts and minds of the Malays as well as trying to place its position as the backbone or savior the opposition alliance PR.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

DAP Distributes 100,000 Malay-language Bibles, PAS Says Alhamdulillah?

Should the question above be asked to DAP? We don't think so, because for whom would the malay-language Bibles go to if it's not for those who speak Malays? And who speak Malay other than Malay?

Thus, perhaps the headline above need a little tweak by asking the question to PAS instead of DAP. Why PAS? Because PAS often proudly announce that they fight and defend Islam. Logically, the ones who fight for Islam would definitely go against DAP.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

DAP's Voting Fraud - Ambiga, Pak Samad, Why Shy Away?

Even if they want to cheat, they didn't have to be that stupid. Even if they are stupid, how can they possibly missed thousands of votes?

That is the story with DAP CEC's election which became a joke in this country. The reports on them published by alternative media were insulting, few of them include ‘Kisah Budak Darjah 4 DAP’, ‘Excel Pun Tak Tau Guna ka DAP?’ ('The story of a standard 4 DAP', 'Don't You Even Know How To Use Excel, DAP) etc.